This just in: Donna's First Novel is Released!

Lovely 53 year-old SHELBY FORREST buckles her seat belt and closes her eyes as the airplane fills with passengers. She gulps some breaths of fusty air and tries to calm herself from the crippling anxiety that has consumed her since the life altering telephone call of the week before With a fisted knot twisting her stomach, she forces her head into the headrest, trying to chill out. Her brain scans the years and the pain of cobbling together a life in the wake of her devastating loss. In a roller coaster ride of events, the pressure from keeping her old secret soon blooms into acute symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This beautifully crafted, poignant story takes the reader on a journey through one woman’s experience as she struggles to come to terms with her life choices. Coping with loss, moving forward, and the social issues of the 1950’s-1970’s surrounding the controversy regarding an adoptee’s right to know vs. a mother’s right to privacy, are central themes to this captivating drama. Set in 2005 against a backdrop of the War in Iraq, the action packed plot makes this psychological fiction hard to put down. Early readers describe this psychological drama as “stunning” with well developed characters and an intriguing and suspenseful plot.

Now available on in print and Kindle editions!

Now Available via Skype!
Now Available via Skype!

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