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Donna L. Friess, Ph.D.
Donna L. Friess, Ph.D.

Donna Friess can assist you in understanding the labyrinth of interpersonal relationships so that you can better understand human behavior and become more skillful when dealing with others. Donna is also an experienced public speaking professor and can help you to be more assertive and creative in your business presentations.


Donna L. Friess, Ph.D., retired Professor of Communication at Cypress College in California, rose to international prominence in the child abuse prevention field when her dramatic case swept the nation. With appearances on Oprah, Sally Jessy Raphael, The Leeza Show and other TV and radio talk shows, her story of protecting her four-year-old niece from abuse reached 60 million people in America and millions more abroad. Her first book, Cry The Darkness, (Health Communications Inc., 1993) has been published in seven languages. It was the best selling non-fictional book in the history of Egmont Publishers in Norway and Denmark.

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Blog: Meeting "Spider Woman":Impressions of a SE Asian Adventure


Since the 1970's when my college classes began to fill with Viet Nam War vets, some on hospital guerneys, I had a vision of visiting S. E. Asia. Later, as Saigon fell and thousands of Vietnamese refugees settled in Orange County, and many found their way to my classroom, my interest in that part of the world became significant. Last month that dream became a reality as I visited Thailand, Laos, Viet Nam and Cambodia, traveling to places and offered by means often outside my comfort zone. There was much to learn, but two highlights [continue reading]


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Now Available via Skype!

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