Coming Events!

Book Launch & Fundraiser @ SJC Library

March 29th ~ 4pm

RSVP: 919.218.4512


Eco Expo @ Los Rios Park, SJC

May 2nd and 3rd

Donna will have a booth set up 10am-4pm

Free Admission!


WomanSage Mother-Daughter Book Launch Event

May 12th ~ 5pm

Donna will present ~ "Get Happy: Six Life Changing Habits"

The Center Club, Costa Mesa

What People Are Saying about Shelby:

 "There are surprises and tears, smiles and laughter, when I finished the story I was asking for more. The characters are complex and the story delivers the harrowing and heart-wrenching story of so many women that have had to make these impossible decisions. It is a must read for any parent." -Micki Harris, CA


"We see the gentler side of humanity here. The message of both hope and love was inspiring. I LOVED this book." Kriss M., CA


"Written with love and warmth, the book draws you in and keeps you eager to learn the outcome, which is satisfying, yet surprising." Catherine M., Florida


"As someone who has adopted children, I found this emotionally charged, complex first novel, written by award winning author, Donna Friess, draws you in immediately and holds you in its' thrall from the first page to the last. The author explores the grief, guilt and pain of giving up a baby for adoption and the secrets that can tear apart a marriage." Leanne A., CA

Now available on in print and Kindle editions!

 Now available on in print and Kindle editions!

March 29th Event Flyer
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