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If you haven't seen Donna's regular emailings, you can check out her blog posts here on her website under "Inspirational Articles."  Here's a sneak peek at her latest blog:

These Birds Get It!

     This morning after a walk at Dana Point Harbor, I stopped by the local feed store to pick up some grain for our horses just as it was opening. The clerk was busy rolling a white Cockatoo in its huge cage outside to be in the sun. He was squawking. It caught my interest. I followed the clerk. She went back into the dark store and from another area, rolled out a second big cage with an Amazonian Parrot in it. I asked if they were friends as she pushed the heavy cages side by side. Before she could answer, the cockatoo jumped on the side of his cage nearest the parrot, and said, "Hello" as clear as day. [Read More]


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