Life Coaching, Mentoring and Grief Counseling

Donna is currently accepting new clients for life coaching/mentoring and grief counseling. More information can be found on this website under the Life Coaching tab to the left. Donna is an expert at providing you with the tools to live a more fulfilling life. With her help you can learn to:

  • Ask for what you want
  • Develop conflict management skills to achieve win-win results
  • Cope with difficult people
  • Make better life decisions
  • Feel more confident and to be “okay” with who you are
  • Take control of your work life through improved communication skills
  • Learn coping skills and strategies to deal with life change and grief

Private coaching sessions $150 per one hour. Face to face in Dr. Friess' office, via telephone or FaceTime. Dr. Friess can help you to get unstuck!

An Inspiring Blog!

If you haven't seen Donna's regular emailings, you can check out her blog posts here on her website under "Articles."  Here's a sneak peak at her latest blog:

That Time of Year
Last Friday, on Veterans' Day, my husband and I said goodbye to a greatly admired friend who, along with his wife, has been an integral force behind the successful passage of important national victims' rights laws. It was a beautiful service with military honors. We could not help but ponder the meaning of our individual lives; how the best of us endures in the hearts of others. During the sixty-mile drive home we received word that the baby girl we had been waiting for had just [Read More...]


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