"Thank you Donna, with all my heart for sharing your passion, your playfulness and your wisdom with us. I truly benefited from your presence and I look forward to seeing you.. (soon) - Sandy K.


"Dr. Friess saved my life." Sandra K. Transitions participant


 "Dr. Donna Friess is the most inspirational person I have ever met. She imparts a divine influence on the mind and soul." - Jack, Former Student.

"Thank you Donna for your wisdom, guidance and support. You are amazing!" Lisa

"Dr. Donna helped to save me from feeling like an invisible piece of nothing. Now I know and feel that I deserve to live and move forward to a fulfilling life. I just love her!!" Ginni C., Transitions participant.


"Donna is solid gold. She is good and brave and willing to share. She is the blessing of God, too bright to behold for those of us who love misery (too many of us, I am afraid). She has taught me so much!" Lisa W., Transitions participant.


"Dr. Friess'  insight on interpersonal communication has proven invaluable to me both as a former student and a practicing professional.  I have referenced her expertise on sexual abuse in my work in women's health and will continue to do so as I transition into social work." - Eileen, RNC

"Joining the Loss of a Love one support group, facilitated by Dr. Donna Friess, was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I lost a daughter 14 years ago and never went through the grieving process. Donna has helped me immensely by giving me the tools to work through my pain and begin to heal myself." Dawn S. Oct 2011


"Positive! Positive! Woman is funny full of energy “wow” she showed you can live a full healthy life even when terrible things have happened in your life as a child; she shows you hope." Guest at Laura's house presentation

"Dr. Donna Friess has utilized a horrible childhood life experience and family tragedy as her driving force to help the nation’s incest victims. Dr. Friess is a friend and advisor to hundreds of victims and students. She is an inspiration to thousands, a wonderful fun-loving motivational speaker who enjoys surfing and playing with her ten grandchildren. I am very proud and fortunate to call Donna Friess my friend." Colleen (Thompson) Campbell, former Mayor, San Juan Capistrano, National Institute of Corrections, Appointed by the U. S. Attorney General.