A Family Affair

 Valentine's Day is upon us, which causes me to reflect on something I observed over the weekend. I had a front row seat to witness the power of love. On Saturday night I assisted our daughter in hosting a pre-formal dinner party for her high school senior daughter and 45 of her teen friends. It was stunning to see the event morphing into a family affair as about thirty parents and siblings came along to wish them well and photograph the very dressed up youth. As the boys showed off their tuxedos, and the girls preened in satin and lace, I felt the tremendous connection between family members. This has left me awed. Anyone who has raised kids knows it is a messy, frustrating business, but all that was put aside as parents and siblings eagerly snapped photos of their loved ones. 

     An exhilarating vibe rode the air; pride, reverence and devotion. Some parents confessed to me the angst they felt pushing toward the empty nest; photographing their last child and last formal dance. My own memory scanned back to holding my newly born daughter, then to holding her newly born daughter, the center of the dinner party. It must be this, this powerful attraction, this commitment to each other that binds civilizations together, which empowers our military to risk their lives to protect our families and our freedom.
     My daughter and some of the other parents kept thanking me for helping out. I thought, "Are you kidding? I would not miss being a part of this for the world!" 

Happy Valentine's Day. 
My best, donna

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