In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye
     That's how it seems to me. It feels like two minutes ago I had a house full of tiny little grands and their sippy cups and then suddenly in the blink of an eye, grown. Yikes!!! Last week our second youngest grandchild began Middle School. We are now down to only one grandchild in elementary school. It is going so fast!!!! Too fast! Changes are all around us as school starts and Fall closes in. For those of us not tied to the school calendar perhaps it is just about getting back to normal. Maybe it's just time to take a deep breath. If your "normal" routine is not thrilling to you, now might be a good time to change it up, perhaps to become "unstuck?"
Sunflowers at Everglades
     In a few weeks the Womansage Fall class of Life Transitions will begin and I will enjoy meeting a room full of women who want to do just that, become "Unstuck." I will begin the program by having the participants examine what is "right" with their lives and then we will begin to look at ways to be more fully alive. We will learn about MINDFUL LIVING and taking charge of our thoughts and dreams. The individual participants will examine their goals and imaginings in a serious way. I firmly believe that when we vividly visualize what we want we can begin to make it happen.

     Last Spring when President Obama opened up Cuba to US travelers, I began to imagine myself meeting some Cuban neighbors whom we have been kept apart from since I was in high school. I imagined swimming in the Bay of Pigs. I talked to my 19 year-old granddaughter about going and she was all in and very eager to get me salsa dancing! Well that sounded intimidating and I realized I probably needed another generation in the mix. I invited her mother, my daughter, and off we went, first to check out South Beach in Miami, then to flit around the Everglades in an airboat. When we finally got to Cuba we fell in love with the people. One of the biggest highlights was swimming and chatting with the locals in the warm water of the Bay of Pigs. We never did find salsa dancing. I think we had the wrong country for that! But the point is I imagined something and because of that I found a way for it to come true. What are you dreaming of?
A Cuban landfill turned into beauty
The life we are living today is a direct result of the choices we made in the past. If this current iteration of your life is not pleasing you, now might be a good time to make new choices; Life 2.0 or 10.0. I am always having to reinvent myself. It used to bug me, but now I get that we cannot not change. I might currently be on the 20.3 version of Donna!

     Have you noticed that sometimes people get stuck in "auto pilot," as they sort of go through the motions of life? A tool to alleviate that, which my clients find helpful, is creating a Vision Board. This consists of taking a huge piece of construction board and making a collage of sayings and photos from magazines that appeal to you. It is a Right Brain activity. It can help you visualize what more you want to do or have in life. It can be a starting point. Then simply choose one of those desires and begin to work toward it. You can set a reasonable goal and take action toward accomplishing it every single day!
Pretending to try Cuban cigars
     We cannot not change. We age. Life moves forward. Albert Einstein liked to talk about the important role imagination and creativity play in our daily lives. I like to think of my life as my canvas, and the way I am living it, as my creative endeavor. There is a great big world out there just waiting for you. What more do you want to do? Paint, lose ten pounds, take a trip, repaint the bedroom, make a new friend, take a class, learn a new language, plant a garden? Remember this is your life and if you are like me it is going by in the blink of an eye! I'd love to hear about your plans. You could even photograph your Vision Board and email it to me. 
My best, donna

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