I'm experiencing Deja Vu

     You haven't been hearing much from me lately as I am practicing what I preach and seizing the day. My days have been jammed with fun new endeavors, but I have been thinking about you and hoping that your Happiness Tank is heading toward the "full" mark . Yesterday was especially noteworthy and I had to share with you.

     So last Saturday, perhaps having lost my mind once again, I drove to pick up my new eight week-old golden retriever puppy, our
Picking Up Dixie
dog Lacey's sister, from my friend Linda. I've spent the last few days getting used to having baby gates all over the house and my new routine. It's been going well, however yesterday morning while she was napping I grabbed my minutes off to use the garden blower on the garage. Clean garage, right? About fifteen minutes later she woke up and we went out on the lawn. It was all good, until she sauntered into the garage to have a look around and came out racing with something dangling out of her mouth! Oh no! I gave chase. I don't think you have seen a puppy race so fast in your life! All the while I was yelling, "No Dixie, No!" That just caused her to run faster!! Around the patio, the yard, and the garden we raced. Finally she backed herself against a tall planter and I managed to grab the still warm dead gopher out of her mouth with my bare hands! Yuck! Clearly my cats are very serious about clearing the yard of critters and their pride in their achievements has them delivering the bounty to my back door.

     When I picked Dixie up from Linda, she shared her recent rapid-
Meeting Sister Lacey
fire pursuit of one of the male puppies all over her yard, as he had somehow found a rat. Oh my! This is the side of raising a puppy thatis often overlooked in the dazzling joy of their fluffy cuteness. Linda laughed as she shared that moment with me as she knew I had had a similar scene with Lacey four years ago, when Lacey found something awful the cats dragged in as well. Of course I had forgotten all about that! For sure I was now experiencing Déjà vu! I recalled that episode. Lacey had been older and even faster than Dixie! I was so thankful then and now that the World's Funniest Videos producers were not in my back yard watching these crazy chasing scenes! 

     As a diligent puppy mom, I am on guard against the dangers lurking around my big yard for a baby small enough to slip through the wrought iron fence, but I had completely forgotten about what joys Dixie would find in the cats' hunting activities!! Perhaps in the future I would do well the scan to the yard for any hidden cameras--- or dead gophers!

     It is lively around here and a permanent smile is etched on my face as I watch the dogs in their wrestling matches, and running around the yard with the Dixie's new toys.

If your Happiness Tank is not on "full," I think this could be a good time to entertain something new that has been swirling around in the back of your mind. Spring is good for planting flowers and vegetables, signing up for a new class, planning a trip, or perhaps taking on something new (ahh, I am not recommending a puppy unless you are feeling very energetic!). It's possible that you can imagine something altogether new to stimulate your mind. This is our precious time on the planet and it just seems urgent to me that each and every day offer us something soul enriching. I want that for you. This is YOUR time and there's not a minute to waste. Let's ensure that our Happiness Tanks are all the way to the top. You know how much I enjoy hearing from you. I'd love to know your thoughts. My best, donna