A Confident Young Lady

Hello my friends, you have not heard from me for awhile as I've been working on my new book and traveling, but something happened the other day that I simply must share with you. You know I am constantly scouting for precious moments.

     Last week, a big family group of us gathered at Catalina for our annual reunion which coincided with Ken's 75th birthday and our daughter's 49th. We enjoyed days of swimming, boating, and
Ken's 75th Birthday - Beach Style
celebrating . On one of the days, all the dinghy drivers were away from my son's boat as they were wake boarding, leaving only myself and my daughter and son-in-law on board. Ken called from shore looking for a ride out to the boat. I looked at my son-in-law, Justin, he looked at me. We called up to Julie sunning on the flying bridge, she answered, "between the three of us we can figure it out!"

     At that moment, seven and a half-year-old Caroline walked out of the cabin. I asked (kidding), "Caroline do you know how to run the engine on the dinghy to go get Poppa?"

     "Well, I'm not the best..." she replied as she walked over to her life vest. 
     "I will need this." She explained matter-of-factly, as she donned her life jacket.

     She did not lose a beat as she settled her aunt and uncle into the rubber boat, took the wheel, turned the key, and started the engine. The adults cast off, and with great confidence she motored through the very busy Avalon Harbor to the pier to get her grandpa. Uncle Justin sat next to her to ensure that the journey went safely.

Captain Caroline (age 7!)
     I was speechless with wonder, sporting a huge grin on my face,as I watched the event from the stern of the boat. Soon they returned. As Caroline climbed out of the small craft, she exclaimed, "Mimi that wasn't bad for my second time running the boat!" 

     Well I should say not!!!! I thought, keenly aware of her young age, as I assured her that it was a stellar effort. What amazed me was her high level of confidence. She wasn't afraid. She wasn't tentative. She just went for it. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can pass on to our children and grandchildren is the confidence to become masters of their universe.

     In that same spirit, yesterday afternoon her father, my son, drove her to Rawhide Camp (her first time away from home on her own) where she will stay for the week learning horsemanship. She will have two cousins there, but not in her age group. She is by herself, but has the personal fortitude to know that she will meet new friends.

     Through my life coaching and grief counseling, I frequently
Captain Caroline with her Uncle
encounter people who are paralyzed by indecision. They say they are afraid to move forward. They seem to fear that they may fail. Well they might, but so what? They might succeed as well! I believe that the greatest design project in existence is that of figuring out the best version of our own lives. It gets tricky because life is constantly changing. One of the concepts I teach is that we humans are infinitely resilient. I believe that we are strong and capable. Many of us sell ourselves short, worrying that we might look bad or that success might not be ours. We cannot succeed if we do not try. Little Caroline gets that. If there is something you've been wanting to do, I encourage you to go for it. I loved Ralph Waldo Emerson's thought, "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is to you."

      I wish you a wonderful summer. Of course I always love to hear from you. 

My best, donna