Words Which Inspired Me

"Class was so much fun as usual. I just love being there with you and the women learning the art of speaking. Its such a valuable and life altering tool, being able to speak well in front of others. And you’re such a natural teaching it! Thanks again! And that’s a great idea, talking about MOVING OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. I will take your advice and come up with something for my next speech." - A.V.


"That was a tough room to play to last night. But you did it with grace and good humor. Everyone absolutely loved it… and you. Thanks for adding so appropriately to our Rotary Valentine’s outing and for the nice gifts you presented to our lucky members." J.C.




"You are very inspiring and I’m trying to keep “should” out of my vocabulary today; although, I have already told my husband what he should be doing. My kids and grandkids will appreciate it, too." J.H.


"You've done it again, Donna! You gave me another "Ahhh" moment. Our grandchildren are the greatest gift we have, and they just keep on giving. Thanks for your story." B.M.


"Donna, I enjoy meeting women who celebrate their womanhood and you certainly do that. We are special creatures, I love the way you embrace your womanhood." K.M.


“Donna Friess turned her hurt into a halo, her scars into stars, what an inspiration she is to all!” – Rev. Robert Schuller, founder of Crystal Cathedral, national figure in television ministry.


“It is possible to take control of your life. It is possible to change. It is possible to become more like the person you always wanted to be. Dr. Friess provides a path for you to achieve what you want.” Jun K., student


“Dr. Friess is very spiritual and life changing.” Elizabeth W., single-mom


As the introduction to my episode “This is a story of power and unbelievable perversion. It was the cover story in the Los Angeles Times. This is a show you cannot afford not to watch!” – Oprah Winfrey


"Dr. Friess' insight on interpersonal communication has proven invaluable to me both as a former student and a practicing professional." -Eileen L., RNC


"Dr. Friess taught me more about how to communicate with others and family members in the two classes I took from her than I would have learned in years of reading books on the subject." -Debbie F., re-entry student.

Former Students Respond to My Retirement:

"... you touched and inspired many...I decided to double major in Communications and political science; your class had a part in it. " 


"You are one of the best and most inspiring teachers i have ever had. Thank you so much for all you do."


"You truly have a gift communicating with your audience. I truly thank God I had the pleasure of meeting you before you left our school."


"The best class in all my college years. :) I can't believe 20 years has gone by!!!"


"You were a huge influence on me Donna. Thank you so much."