Workshops & Seminars

This is your time on Earth, make the most of it!

How exciting! The time has finally come when you have a chance to focus on your life, your relationships, and your goals. This is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. Dr. Friess provides wonderful workshops and seminars so you can learn how to make the changes necessary to live the life you want. 

• You can learn to more effectively handle your interactions with others.

• You can be happier.

• You can become the person you always dreamed of being.

• You can master new ways to be more present in your life.

• You can learn to take control of your own life.

Life’s journey brings natural changes and obstacles. What is in your way? Why are you not having the success you want? Are you stagnating? Is life passing you by? Are there so many demands that they cannot always be met?

On some deep level you probably know that you could do things better. But where to start?


If you are to lead a more satisfying life, it is essential that you understand the dynamics that involve you and others. A good beginning point would be to diagnose what has you stuck, then to develop an action plan to let go of some of the old ways so that you are free to take control of your situation and access the possibilities.  She believes that humans are resilient. Why not feel happier? So now it is your turn to take control and move forward.

Dr. Friess offers many workshops and seminars, such as:

  • Positive Self Talk and Your Future
  • Women in Transition
  • From Victim to Thriver: Human Hardiness
  • Get Your Own Way: Win-Win Strategies
  • Assertive Communication Strategies
  • You’re Up Next! Tips For A Killer Speech!
  • Restoring Love to Your Personal Relationships
  • So What Do You Plan to Do with Your One Precious Life?
  • You Are Stronger Than You Think: Keys to Human Resilience
  • Stop! You’re Driving Me Nuts! Coping with Toxic People
  • Better Communication Through Understanding the Temperament of Others
  • So You Want to Write a Book? Keys to Getting Your Words Out There
  • Effective Strategies for Improving Intercultural Interactions
  • Teaching Behind the Red Curtain: A Day in a Chinese University Classroom
  • Culture Clash: Understanding the Body Language of Other Cultures

Speaking Topics

Dr. Friess is available to speak at your event or seminar.  Some topics that are available are as follows: 

  • Communication Strategies To Success
  • How to Give to Become A Powerhouse Presenter
  • Effective Business and Professional Speaking
  • Strategies to Facilitate Personal Change
  • Understand the Silent Messages of Human Body Language
  • Strategies to Becoming a More Effective Conflict Mediator
  • Psychology of Communication 101: The Big Picture
  • Becoming More Resilient
  • Coping with Toxic – Difficult People
  • Stopping Psychological Mind Games
  • Learning Secrets to Becoming Closer with Others
  • Self – Esteem Boot Camp
  • Fill Your Happiness Tank: Being All You Can Be.
  • Getting Unstuck: Mind Mapping
  • Understanding Others Through Body Type Theory